MetaLaunchers Web3 store coming soon!

At MetaLaunchers, we put our best foot forward at looking for innovative ways to bring new Web3 experiences to you and our partners! In this article were going to go over all the fun Web3 experiences coming to our store!

Recently, Shopify released an update bringing Web3 & NFT compatibilities and more to their platform. You can check that out here!

What does this mean for us?

With Shopify's new update we will be able to create custom Web3 commerce experiences within our store. As a team of innovators, we plan to see how far we can take this and further raise the bar and be a model in the industry for what best-in-class Web3 commerce should look like. 

Special Access and in-store Rewards

Certain Collections / Products / Discounts in our store will have locked access. By owning an NFT to a specific collection you can recieve access to new areas of our store! We plan to have both public and gated MetaLaunchers collections along with store wide-discounts for owning a MetaLaunchers Shop NFT.

MetaLaunchers X Partner Merch store

At our core, we are an NFT Launch company and we help push the creativity of our partners to perform at their highest potential in this space. We allow our partners access to everything we have to offer as a team. That includes this store! MetaLaunchers partner projects will be able to create top notch Web3 commerce experiences to their communities on our platform!

Loyalty Rewards & Airdrops

Shopping in our store won't just reward you with sick new gear to show off in real life, you will also recieve NFT's with the purchase of certain items in our store! Get NFT rewards for shopping on our store! Use these NFT's on our store for future perks and benefits!  

Buying NFT's have never been easier!

You can now buy NFT's on Shopify! Occasionally you may see premium NFT drops, and partner NFT drops showcased on our store. You can choose to purchase these NFT's with credit card or cryptocurrency. Purchases using a credit card will recieve an email with a link to mint their NFT.

First NFT? If you do not have a wallet then it will help get one started for you!

New ways to connect with the community

The fun doesn't stop there! NFT rewards from our store will open up more experiences for you in Discord and other platforms! 

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