The MetaLaunchers Web3 Commerce Experience

Welcome to the MetaLaunchers Web3 Merch Store!

"What does it mean to be a Web3 store?" - I'm glad you asked!

Our store brings many new experiences that you may not be familiar with! We'll do our best to showcase our unique store features and break down what it means to be a Web3 compatible store, so that you can have the best experience possible shopping with us!

What Makes a Web3 store?

For us, a Web3 store brings additional Web3 compatible features to your online shopping experience. This allows for you to connect your Web3 wallet to our store to use your NFT's in new interactive ways! 

Public vs Gated Collections

You'll notice on our home page that we have 2 types of collections to offer. Our public collections are available to purchase without connecting your web3 wallet and is open for everyone to purchase freely!

Gated collections will require you to connect your Web3 wallet and allow the site to verify your NFT's. Certain NFT's in your wallet will allow you access into gated collections! From there, get access to exclusive NFT holder merchandise.

In-Store Discounts

Connect your wallet and recieve discounts in-store for owning MetaLaunchers accepted NFT's!

NFT Rewards & Airdrops

For shopping in our store, you have the ability to be airdropped NFT's for certain products and purchases! Existing members that have made purchases on our site are eligible for exclusive loyalty airdrops as well!

Purchase NFT's easily on our website

Occasionally, you may see us showcase and release NFT's to purchase on our store. These can range from Premium MetaLaunchers NFT Passes, to our partner NFT drops. These NFT's can be purchased with either Credit Card or Cryptocurrency! 

Purchases with Credit Cards will recieve an email from us to mint their NFT!

Don't have a crypto wallet? When redeeming an NFT without a wallet, you will be walked through the process to create your very own crypto wallet!

We highly recommend new Web3 wallet owners to read our free e-book on Web3 safety and common practices!